So good bein’ hoooome!

As Jar Jar Binks so eloquently said it, it’s “so good bein’ home!”

Some of you, who have since developed lines and wrinkles where once there were none, will remember the emergence of leBUZZ in early 1999.  It was a web site enthusiastically covering the use of the Be Operating System (BeOS) to “do audio.”  leBUZZ was a blog, before there were blogs, with fresh postings nearly every day, much of it written in the first person.  The site developed a pretty loyal following, and at one point, had about 1,000 people a day stopping by to read the latest news and contribute their own thoughts.

Now, as the beautiful Haiku operating system emerges, and with it, a stable new “BeOS” platform on which to do amazing things with audio, “meesa back!”

While I can’t guarantee I’ll be updating this blog every day, I will make an effort to post to it regularly, so please bookmark the new leBUZZ site and make a habit of checking in often.  I also hope many of you will post your thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc., because this site is all about the sharing of information about Haiku audio and discussion of ways to advance the platform as a place to listen to and create music, and do audio and video production.