Discover Haiku Off To a Wild Start

OS News, and I suspect, at least one other popular web site, have put Discover Haiku USB on the map in a big way.  We’ve been getting a LOT of traffic on the web site, to the point where it actually went down overnight and we had to add capacity to it!  People seem to like the video there, and orders are coming in steadily, especially from Germany and the U.S.  I’m very hopeful that a LOT of people will discover Haiku through this product.  If you want to help, I’d love it if you’d post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Here’s a possible copy/paste post you could use:

I’ve discovered Haiku!  Have you?  Check it out at

Hey, thanks to Buzzer “Humdinger,” I see he posted a story in German about it.   Danke shon, mein freund!

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  1. B. Humdinger
    Mar 18, 2015 @ 16:24:51

    Bitte schön, friend. 🙂
    That little surge from Germany might be due to an article at one of Germany’s most respected computer magazines: iX (the same publisher Heise as the more widely known c’t). See the article at

    The comment section of course is the usual troll fest…
    Of course, the article doesn’t make the connection of the Haiku project and TTSystems very clear. Many people seem to think that the Haiku project is now selling their alpha OS.

    Oh well. I’m delighted anyway to hear that your initiative is bearing fruit!


  2. Dane Udenberg
    Mar 18, 2015 @ 17:03:39

    If you don’t mind risking a troll or two, would you be willing to post on the site that response has been so good that got knocked down overnight, but we’re back up now? We had to increase our bandwidth capacity! I’d do it myself…but my German is nonexistent… but I even had to look up danke shon. 🙂


    • B. Humdinger
      Mar 19, 2015 @ 15:44:21

      Did that. I’m a bit late though… Those topics are only really hot for a day or so, before they move from the front page and the mob moves on to a new topic to post snide remarks. 🙂


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