Fair Harbor Radio is Back Up

Among the other plates we spin around here is our own non-commercial radio station, “Fair Harbor Radio” (successor to “BeOSRADIO,” which was spawned as a direct result of posts to the leBUZZ blog over 14 years ago).  Fair Harbor Radio broadcasts on a Haiku-based computer using the TuneTracker Radio Automation System.

The rebroadcasting service we’ve been using, and still love, called Abacast, made some changes which required us to also change what we were doing, and as a result we were down for awhile during the transition.  If you’re a listener, let me welcome you back, and if you have never “tuned in,” here’s a great opportunity to try it out:


Geek alert:  The new Fair Harbor Radio stream is our first foray into “push streaming,” which allows us, for the first time, to supply our stream without concerns about whether our dynamic IP address will shift and cause listeners to temporarily lose our signal.  Now we push out rather than the rebroadcaster pulling from us, and the result should be a much more robust radio service.  Hope you enjoy what you hear.

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