Inviting the World to “Explore Haiku”

Have any of our readers been around long enough to remember the old “BuzzCD?”  It was a CD distribution of Be Operating System that came with a nice selection of programs to run on it, all carefully-chosen for their stability and usefulness/fun.  It was sold mainly on ebay.

Well…I wouldn’t say BuzzCD is back.  For one thing, it’s not a CD.  For another, it’s not BeOS.  But in the spirit of the BuzzCD, I’m happy to announce the arrival of “Discover Haiku,” a Haiku experience distributed on USB.

Build around a recent, proven-stable version of Haiku, the operating system is beautifully presented.  Users can boot straight to the flash drive, and if they like, also install to their hard drive.  Lots of really useful and fun programs are included, with no junk; strictly apps that run well and have real merit.   The good news is, there are a lot of them these days. Also included is a demo copy of the TuneTracker radio automation system, complete with a sample radio station, free music, time announcements, and free sound effects. And because the flash drive is created using a PM-era distribution, we can keep updating it with the latest-greatest versions of everything (unlike BuzzCD, which was a static product).

I’d appreciate it if everybody would post and tweet this around.  It’s a way we can get  Haiku into a the hands of a lot of people who may not ever hear of it any other way.

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