OpenJDK – A Shining Star That Needs Some Polish

I’ve been trying out a variety of Java apps that have been ported to Haiku, taking advantage of the OpenJDK capabilities that were added to the operating system in 2012.  There are many beautiful apps like Pixelitor that made their way across the great divide to Haiku at that time, but now there appears to be a new divide.  Two (or more) different versions of OpenJDK for Haiku are floating around.  Some apps work in one, some in another.  Some no longer seem to work in any that I’ve found. Here are some of the awesome apps that are presently “just out of reach” unless the user wants to twiddle with multiple versions of OpenJDK

There’s a serious need for community attention on this, and I’m hoping leBUZZ can serve as a focal point for it.  Somehow, we need to bring all the Java ports under one roof…(HaikuDepot)…and get them all working under the one version of OpenJDK offerred officially there.  If we can get everybody on the same page, we can swing the door open on this thing, and let in all the good stuff.

I’m going to set up a bounty for this, and see if I can find someone who is willing to work on this.  If you are interested in helping get Java apps running under Haiku’s OpenJDK, please (dane) contact (@) me (

People in-the-know seem to think the task of making these already-ported apps compatible (runnable) using the OpenJDK from HaikuDepot is unlikely to take more than 15 or 20 minutes per app.  Apparently it is mainly going to involve preparing or editing “recipes.”  If we can pay someone $15 per app they get running, they could potentially make somewhere between $45 and $60 per hour working on it.

I’ll compile a list, and would encourage readers to post the ones they like and want most.  


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