The Apps Roll In For Haiku

With the arrival of Qupzilla (1.7.0 running under QT 4.8.6), Haiku users are suddenly finding a whole world of online web-based productivity tools available to them…turning what has primarily been a hobby OS into an increasingly-legitimate workstation platform.  It has allowed me to move much of my daily business work over to Haiku, including collaborations, text editing, word processing, and more.

Today, we begin a series of leBUZZ articles investigating really useful tools that are immediately available to Buzzers everywhere.  First stop on our tour: ZOHO.

ZOHO is an online resource that provides a very credible and complete set of office tools, including a word processor called ZOHO Writer, which has been described, I think accurately, as “among the best online word processors on the market.”

ZOHO Writer  has a lot going for it, including all the basic features you’d expect from a WYSIWYG style editor.

The site About Tech describes ZOHO Writer as “…an excellent online word processor…can easily replace Microsoft Word for many homes and small offices. And, because it is free to use, you cannot beat the price.

  • “Export documents to a wide variety of formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, Rich Text and HTML.
  • Publish documents to the web or to your blog
  • Full revision history including the ability to rollback to previous versions
  • Collaborate by sharing your document with friends or colleagues

One nice feature of this online word processor is that it allows you to publish your document straight to a blog, which makes it a handy tool for frequent bloggers. The publish utility supports Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress and TypePad.”

Of course, all the features in the world are pretty worthless to Haiku users if the service doesn’t work well on this platform.  That’s the best part about it. It does.  Really well!

I created an account, logged in, and created the following document in just a couple minutes, with zero training or learning curve.  The doc is nothing fancy,just a quick one-off to show some of the features.

I’d encourage everybody reading this to use the instructions in the previous article to download Qupzilla and try out ZOHO Writer.  Pop back here with your impressions.

EDIT (2/18/15) Apparently ZOHO has tightened its standards for supported web browsers.  It now reports Qupzilla’s engine as being inadequate, and only allows viewing, but not editing, of files.


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  1. Dane Udenberg
    Feb 18, 2015 @ 12:39:54

    Well, dang! ZOHO has apparently tightened their standards for supported web browsers, and Qupzilla’s profile doesn’t seem to pass muster anymore. ZOHO now reports it as unsupported, and just allows viewing, but not editing, for Qupzilla.


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