The wait for apps…is ending.

Haiku is suddenly a whole lot more useful, courtesy of a web browser that can parse a lot of important online services.  With it’s high level of site compatibility, the Qupzilla browser, version 4.8.6, has opened the door to hundreds of major web-based “apps” and services.

Qupzilla, which runs on Haiku in the QT environment, is not only fast and stable at this point, but can parse pretty much any web page you throw at it.  And given how much of our productivity these days is tied to online services, I find I’m spending more and more of my day doing real work in Haiku!

If you don’t have Qupzilla loaded and running under Haiku yet, it’s easy to get/install under Haiku’s new Package Management system.  Just open a Terminal, type the following, and hit Enter:

pkgman install qupzilla_x86

Work continues in earnest on Haiku’s own native web browser too. WebPositive is growing in capabilities and will very likely even surpass Qupzilla’s prowess.  But in the meanwhile, Qupzilla gives us that needed Internet productivity.

I’ll be doing a series of articles on the great online services that work under Qupzilla, and I encourage others to post reports of the ones they discover that also work.

By the way…this WordPress article was written using Qupzilla.


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