“Rent-an-app” indeed.

Most of the time, the focus at leBUZZ is on what’s going on in the Haiku community, but sometimes I indulge in a little editorializing on what the world outside looks like to a Haiku insider.  One thing that’s on my mind today is companies that adopt the increasingly common “rent-an-app” approach to software distribution.

Microsoft does it with Office.  You don’t buy Office anymore, you rent it.  You pay a yearly fee for the privilege of using it, like a tenant in an apartment building.  Adobe does it with Photoshop, except you get access to lots of other programs too…building supposed value so they can jack the yearly rent up to something nearer to the price of buying Photoshop afresh every 365 days.

I don’t love Office and do very well without it.  I do love Photoshop.  Fortunately for me, the last lifetime-licensable  version they offered has more capabilities than I’ll ever take advantage of.

They say, “never say never,” but I think I can safely say I’ll never let a company force me into renting their software.  There’s something so impermanent-feeling about using software that’s going to expire.  I just can’t get comfortable with the idea.  Am I the only one who finds the “rent squeeze” approach to software sales deplorable?



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  1. Zaranthos
    Oct 24, 2014 @ 15:25:53

    I feel the same way. I will always buy before I rent if possible. If I’m going to spend my money I want something permanent to show for it. Microsoft Office pushing new versions with broken or annoying compatibility issues between file formats pushed me to use LibreOffice. Photoshop is a great program and I have customers that won’t upgrade for the same reasons. When it comes to Photoshop it could take a lifetime to even learn and use all the features.


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