Hey Windows, Welcome Back.

smallbee2 I always wear pretty much the same style of clothes I’ve always worn.  Occasionally I’m back in fashion, which I think is pretty funny.  Maybe that’s what I like about Haiku.

For anyone who might have been concerned that Haiku’s approach to the desktop was too “Windows 98’ish” for modern-day users, consider the journey Microsoft has been on. Windows been through at least a half dozen iterations in the past 16 years.  It’s been fluffed…it’s been puffed…it’s been metro’ed.  And now, it’s going back.  The latest version, which, curiously, skips a version number and will be called “10” (maybe to avoid being thought of as one version back from the Mac), retrieves much of the classic look of desktop operating systems we’ve used ever since Rover was a pup. 7ebdce9f-7ed1-401f-bb9b-8a242dabd28c-460x276-1

Once again, by default, there’s a fast bar and a start button (flat in appearance, no longer 3D), floating windows, desktop icons, and a trash can.  You can still get to the “metro” stuff from the start button, and a touch environment will appear when Windows detects that no mouse and keyboard are present.  But there’s no escaping it:  Microsoft realized they had sent users down a blind alley with 8, and they’re going back.

Suddenly, Haiku’s look, especially when users swing its Deskbar into “across-the-bottom” mode (which I prefer), is  en vogue again.  Are there things that could eventually be done to modernize it further?  Absolutely.  But in the meanwhile, Haiku’s comfortable, classic, mainstream appearance is certainly legitimized by Microsoft’s latest move.


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  1. Zaranthos
    Oct 24, 2014 @ 15:30:15

    Elegant simplicity. That’s really all I want. Animated windows and menus, shadows, transparency, etc. are all fluff I can do without. I want responsiveness and no wait time because fluff is worthless if it wastes any of my time.

    Haiku is getting some serious media love lately. 🙂


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