An EASY Way to Help Haiku


If you’re not doing it yet, I’d strongly encourage you to set up an account with GoodSearch and make it your browser’s default search engine.  It’s so much like Google that you won’t really even notice a difference, and every search you do results in the donation of a penny to the charity of your choice.  Haiku Inc. is one of the available charities.  A penny might not sound like much, but it’s amazing how fast it adds up if you do a lot of searches every day.  Multiply that by hundreds of participants, and suddenly we’re talking about serious bucks.

In addition, there are lots of online companies you might already be ordering products from, NewEgg for example, who are willing to donate a portion of the sale to your chosen charity through GoodSearch’s “GoodShop” program.  At TuneTracker Systems, all parts ordered for their Station-in-a-Box systems result in donations to Haiku.

Many hands make light work, so the more people we get participating in GoodSearch and GoodShop, the more it will help advance the Haiku operating system!

To choose Haiku as your cause,

  1. Go to goodsearch’s homepage
  2. Click the “Choose a cause” button
  3. Enter “Haiku” in the search box.
  4. Select “Haiku (Saddle Brook, NJ)”