A worthy project


I’m probably not the first to think this…but wouldn’t it be great to have a cloud storage tie-in under Haiku?  I’m thinking Dropbox or SkyDrive.  That would help bring Haiku into the 2000s (2010s?), and make it all-the-more useful.  It just strikes me as something very much in-line with the practical user-friendliness of Haiku.  I don’t see it as needing to have an elaborate interface, just an enter-your-login-info screen, and options that let you choose a destination folder and select whether or not to auto-launch at bootup.  The rest is all background work by a daemon that keeps the the files synced up with the user’s online account and handles conflict resolution.

I notice there are Dropbox and SkyDrive clients already for linux.  Could it be that some of that code might form the basis for a Haiku version?

Sequitur progress report

smallbee2Now that the actual code source has been found, a student involved in the Google Code-in has taken on the first crucial step in the porting of the Sequitur midi sequencer from BeOS to Haiku.  Buzzer Theodore Kokkoris has a two-day window to create the “recipe” used to build Sequitur under Haiku.

Thanks Theodore, for helping to get the ball rolling!