The buzz is on regarding the retooling of the once popular Sequitur midi sequencer/workstation software from , for use in Haiku.

Following a couple days of inquiries by Buzzer “Andrew” on one of the Haiku mailing lists, a copy of the BeOS code for Sequitur old was unearthed, and an effort is underway, complete with bounty, to get the code cleaned up working on the shiny new Haiku platform.


The author’s description says Sequitur is “… a BeOS-native MIDI sequencer with a MIDI processing add-on architecture. It allows you to record, compose, store, and play back music from your computer. Sequitur is designed for people who like to tinker with their music. It facilitates rapid, dynamic, and radical processing of your performance.”


  • An add-on architecture for processing MIDI and performing MIDI effects. Change a track’s velocity, apply echo, add chorus, change it’s key signature, etc. All the tools to write your own add-ons are included.
  • MIDI processing is integrated with editing: Paint with echo effects, paint chords in key, etc.
  • Easily rearrange songs with familiar phrase operations.
  • Customize your interface with skinning.
  • Achieve special effects with tool properties: Turn on gradual delete and slowly rub out MIDI events.
  • Full support of Be’s advanced MIDI services in R5: All R5-compatible software is automatically available.
  • Record, edit, and playback note, program change, control change, and pitch bend MIDI data.
  • Read and write standard MIDI files.

If you’re interested in helping with this project, you could join the conversation atĀ