Dev sought for Qt porting

smallbee2It’s early in the game, but there’s chatter right now about setting up a bounty to hire a Haiku developer to fully port the latest version of Qt to this platform.

As I mentioned recently, Qt is an environment that allows programs to be written once and run on multiple platforms, such as Linux, Haiku, Amiga, etc.  There are lots of enticing programs already available, though not all of them run perfectly on Haiku yet.  The word among programmers is that the current Haiku version of Qt is older and still a little buggy here and there.  The goal of this new effort would be to create a solid, stable port of the newest version of Qt.

imagesAs this effort gets itself organized, those initially looking into it are trying to determine the best way to create a bounty or a fundraising pot that will be high profile enough to be noticed by all the Haikuzers, and safe enough to make everyone feel confident about donating to it.

So, what about it?  Let’s hear your input on ways such a bounty could be set up.