An Audio Editor? We NEEEEDS It!

smallbee2I won’t bore you with the long checkered history of audio editors under BeOS and Haiku, and the many near-misses we have suffered through. Suffice it to say, we still don’t have a credible one, and as Golem said of the ring, we “neeeeeds it!”

Ever grasping at possibilities, let me toss this one out there. It’s called Kwave, and it’s for Kubuntu Linux, but was written using the cross-platform Qt framework. Much of it might be self-contained enough to “just work” under Haiku, but it seems likely some effort would have to be made to tie it in with Haiku’s media kit. For example, KWave has a requester that lets the user choose which output hardware to use, which is undoubtedly Linux-oriented.

Still, KWave has a lot going for it. Patterned after Audacity, it allows recording and editing of single tracks, and even multi-track mixing and editing. Might just be worth investigating!


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  1. giovamugnai84
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 15:47:35

    There are a lot of interesting audio editors written using QT (also QTractor and Traverso DAW: ) but these QT audio editors also need phonon and a native audio driver. I bet that porting them would not very difficult; the difficult part should be interfacing them to the Haiku Media Kit.
    In anyway i think that BeAE could be a very good start point, it only need to be fixed and improved.


  2. Barrett
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 16:29:51

    In my opinion BeAE is the ONLY start point, not a good one at all, unfortunately. There are so many problems in the code from code-style to lack of the needed abstractions. Let me take just an example : when playing the GUI code interact directly with low-level audio code (CommonPool.cpp).

    Would be good to have Qt apps for a question of software heterogeneity, but will be completely out of the BeOS feel of software due to various reasons, for example you can’t use the translators and media_plugins to convert your data, the main problem is that this software usually does not provides the needed abstraction to do that. I think the only realizable possibility is to interface Jack2 with the media_kit.


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