Haiku MIDI Looms Large in MusicWeaver

smallbee2OK, I’ll admit the “looms” pun is bad, but the news is good. MusicWeaver is a tool for MIDI fans that has made its way over to Haiku from BeOS, thanks to the efforts of Buzzer Pete Goodeve.  The program was just updated and is available for download.

In Pete’s words, “The MusicWeaver is essentially a way to a ‘morph’ MIDI streams. It comprises a suite of small modules, instances of which can be connected together in a ‘diagram’ to perform operations on MIDI events. It is mostly intended to enhance live performance (with added voices, delays, quick patch change and so on). It is also capable of recording and playing back MIDI sequences, and playing — or playing with — prerecorded midifiles. Newer modules allow displaying various features of the music stream.”

That makes MusicWeaver more than just a MIDI composition tool, but an actual live performance enhancer. Know what I’d love to see? A YouTube video of a performance featuring Haiku and MusicWeaver!

Any takers?


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