A DTMF Decoder for SoundPlay?

smallbee2People familiar with the SoundPlay audio player know it is extremely plugin friendly, which is one of the many good reasons why TuneTracker Systems chose it as the audio engine for its radio automation product.  Now, TT Systems is looking for a programmer to create a special plugin for use in broadcast situations.

Picture a radio network that has many affiliate stations.  The local affiliates play the network programming until they are sent a simple little dual-tone-multi-frequency (DTMF) signal.  Often it’s just two or three little bleeps that sound like the touch tones you hear when you push buttons on a telephone.  Odds are you’ve heard them on some broadcasts.   Now picture TuneTracker and SoundPlay broadcasting that live audio, and listening for the tones.  When they come through, SoundPlay sends TuneTracker a message that tells it to play a local break.  At the end of that break, TuneTracker returns to broadcasting the network programming again.

What’s needed then, is a SoundPlay plugin that can monitor live audio, and recognize the tones when they come through.  When they do, they’d send a simple bmessage to TuneTracker.  That’s the goal, and TuneTracker Systems would like to commission someone to accomplish that.  They can do the work for a straight fee, or receive a commission on every sale of the plugin, into the future.

If you’re interested, you can contact TuneTracker Systems directly.  And comments are welcome here too, of course.