Icons in need of “savagery”


A dozen years ago, when TuneTracker Systems first started releasing radio automation systems under the Be Operating System, icons were fuzzy-wuzzy bitmaps that only got fuzzier as you resized them.  It was inescapable under BeOS.  Some examples are shown on the right.

Long since, SVG icon technology has made icons clean, sharp, and resizable without losing  their distinct outlines.   As TuneTracker makes its move to the Haiku desktop, it only seems logical to adopt the SVG format for all its icons, so a call has gone out to the artists in the Haiku community.  If someone would like to revamp the TuneTracker System icon set for pay, you can call 920-273-0543, or go to TuneTracker Systems’ Contact page and leave a message.


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