TunePrepper is in the house

smallbee2The holdout is no more.  TunePrepper, the one element of the TuneTracker System that wasn’t ported over yet, is now ported to Haiku and working great.

In the process, TunePrepper is getting a bit of a facelift, and a pretty significant new feature; the ability to automatically load all available audio attributes and edit them, ala Army Knife.


The screen grab doesn’t show the new feature yet, because that part is still being added, so when I have an updated screen grab I’ll share it with you.

For the uninitiated, TunePrepper is a CD ripper and audio file conversion program.  It can be used to not only rip songs from CDs, but also trim silences from them and normalize their volumes so they match better when played along with songs ripped from other CDs.  In addition, it retrieves and displays album data, lets you edit the attributes of songs (enhanced significantly in the Haiku version by letting you edit *all* audio attributes, not just the typical ones), specify the folder structure you’d like created as the songs are saved, and “roll your own encoder” by mixing and matching bitrates, stereo/mono, etc., even add command line switches for the real fuss budgets.  And you can add unique folder and naming structures to the prefab ones provided,  by editing a configuration file.

TunePrepper is unique in the TuneTracker System, because it’s a breakout product.  Unlike much of the rest of the software suite, which is sold together as a package, TunePrepper is available to anybody who would like to rip songs in Haiku.  It’s priced at $79.95 and will be available to order in early 2013.


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