Nice little addition to MediaPlayer

MediaPlayer in Haiku is such a nice program.  It is really stable, has a nice clean design, and normally handles whatever media files I throw at it.  Such an asset to Haiku.

One thing I’d like to see added is a feature that allows the user to open a URL, similar to what a lot of other media players do, to bring up and play an Internet audio stream.  Though what happens beneath the skin to accomplish it is probably significant, the feature would require little more on the surface than to have a pulldown menu option that opens a little input box where a URL can be typed or pasted in.

screenshot81Alongside that feature, it might be nice if MediaPlayer was associated with common playlist file formats like .m3u and .pls, so that clicking on web links that point to such files would pull them up in MediaPlayer.  That would allow Haiku users to take advantage of many “listen” links on web sites that offer Internet radio stations.


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  1. Vadim Bobkovsky (@v_bobok)
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 01:09:33

    Yes, yes, web player / url capabilities and html5 MediaPlayer plugin for browsers, first of all for WebPositive of course. Add support to Webm and it’s good for most of the Youtube. Alternatively you can deal with flash video by extracting the header with url to FLV file and forwarding it to mediaplayer-plugin, so no actual flash plugin is required…


  2. Hubert
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 08:53:52

    Hey Dane.
    I agree with you. Anyway, I reported this feature on trac a long time ago.


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