An uber-cool way to download video clips

Saturday saw the release of the very latest version of a humdinger of an application for Haiku. UberTuber (love the name) by Buzzer “Humdinger” is a sleek little app that monitors Haiku’s clipboard for the appearance of web addresses. By simply right-clicking an online link to a video clip and choosing “copy to clipboard,” you’ll have done all you need to do to pass the video to UberTuber and, depending on how you have it set up, commence downloading and, if you like, simultaneous viewing of the video.

UberTuber uses the Python library, so you need to install that first. Small matter. Pop open a Terminal window (you’ll find Terminal by clicking the Haiku start button in the Deskbar and moving your mouse over Applications). In the terminal, type:

installoptionalpackage Python

and hit Enter. That’s it. Wait for it to finish installing, then go to Haikuware and download and install UberTuber. Now you’re ready to go to your favorite video site and start pulling down videos.

In my experience, using Haiku R1/Alpha 4.1, UberTuber it worked on the very first shot. I was able to not only watch the video, but it was rapidly finished downloading too. If you look at the larger version of the image above, you’ll see the icon of the video sitting right next to the UberTuber window on the Desktop.

Congrats to Humdinger on a dandy addition to the Haikuniverse.


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  1. Humdinger
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 19:59:34

    Thanks for that very generous review of UberTuber. It’s really quite ugly, trying to remote control a python script, but it gets the job done (mostly) for now.
    BTW, UberTuber does install python for you (and ‘git’ to update the youtube.dl script that does all the downloading) if necessary. With the latest version 0.9.4 we’re now checking for python right after UberTuber is launched, and not wait until you try to play a clip. Now there’s also feedback of the installation process in the status line, as people didn’t know if anything was happening at all. 22 MB for the python package takes quite some time to download/install…

    Thanks again, also for blogging more regularly again! 🙂


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