Helping users and developers handle the “ins and outs” of Haiku

Back in the early BeOS days, around 13 years ago, I began hoping for something like this. We’re probably at a stage in Haiku where it would be possible.

I would love to see a little modification done to Media Prefs that would allow the user to select which audio inputs and output sources will be used by individual programs. Initially my desire was to do this within programs themselves, maybe using some sort of standardized API, the way we see done in Windows, Mac, etc., but Buzzer “Pulkomandy” has guided me toward what might be a better approach for our situation in Haiku.

The idea is, under the “Audio mixer” section of Media Prefs, to provide a dropdown option for each individual program that’s currently running. Here’s a little mockup I made, showing how it might be implemented.

As shown, it’s a simple thing for the user to change…and once a source is selected, that same setting would be used by Media Prefs in the future when the app is opened, so the user doesn’t have to go back in and make the change every time they open the app.

I’ve submitted a post to the Haiku development gurus, and am hoping hoping hoping we can make this work! I think it will be a helpful tool to Haiku audio “power users” and a good recruitment tool to help entice developers of audio products to code for Haiku.


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