Let’s start a list…

I can’t think of a better way to launch into a discussion of “Haiku audio” than with a list of programs already available.  I’ll get the ball rolling, and I’ll count on all of you to contribute your knowledge so we can build the list.  Eventually we’ll create a resource here that gives users a way to contribute to a database of sorts, but for now, just add titles and URLs to the comments for this article, and I’ll compile them.  Here are some known-compatible programs.  I’ll start with the TuneTracker System, since I can speak with first-hand experience about that one.

  • TuneTracker (radio automation program)
  • TuneStacker (music selection software)
  • Army Knife (tag and attribute editor)
  • TimeTracker (background recording software)
  • SoundRecorder (simple recorder and end-trimmer)
  • SoundPlay 4.7.x and below (newer ones work only in TuneTracker System)
  • Sawteeth is a soft-synth (with tracker) similar to an Amiga tracker program
  • BamBam (recorder and editor, recorder not tested)
  • ColdCut (multi-track editor, requires libs from Wonderbrush, copied to /boot/home/config/lib)

It’s just the tiniest of lists right now, I know, and not representative of what’s out there. Next step for me (and all of us) is to download and try all of the programs left over from the BeOS era, or ported to Haiku, so we can add known-compatible/functional audio tools as possible from Haikuware.


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  1. PulkoMandy
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 16:44:41


    Sawteeth is a music tracker not unlike the one you could find on Amiga. Instead of samples, it uses a realtime synthetizer to generate sounds. This means the music files are very small.

    Formerly developped by Jonas and Arvid Norberg for BeOS, this program is being updated for Haiku and is now open sourced under the MIT licence.


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