TuneTracker Systems Announces “TuneBridge”

A new utility that gathers up data on all the audio files on a BeOS/Haiku/ZETA hard drive and organizes it into a database for use in a variety of professional products has been introduced by TuneTracker Systems, makers of the BeOS-based TuneTracker Radio Automation System.

The $79.95 “TuneBridge” program hunts down audio files on any mounted hard drive volumes, gathers their paths/filenames and attribute data, and organizes it neatly into a file importable into spreadsheets, databases, and most-importantly, into third-party music selection programs like Music 1, MusicMaster, Selector, PowerGold, and Natural Music.

The benefit of the latter is that it gives TuneTracker System products broader appeal to buyers.  While TuneTracker’s included “TuneStacker” music selection software does a great job, many larger stations like being able to stick with the music selection software they already have.  With the introduction of TuneBridge, they’ll be able to pull in all the data necessary to create playlists in the music selection program of their choosing.

Music selection/scheduling software can then be used to create complete playlists called “program logs,” complete with masterfully-chosen music, and all the automation commands necessary for TuneTracker to broadcast them over the air or Internet.


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