TuneTracker Systems Acquires SampleStudio

TuneTracker Systems has purchased the source code and rights to SampleStudio, Xentronix’ two-channel audio editor, and will be continuing its development with the goal of offering it as a product to its customers and to the larger BeOS/ZETA/Haiku community.  Designed by Buzzer Frans Van Nispen, who also created the Refraction graphics program for BeOS, SampleStudio offers a nice feature set and an attractive interface..  TuneTracker Systems will be working to smooth out its performance, give it recording ability, and provide a method to select input and output hardware.

A programmer with BeOS audio coding experience is being sought, to assist in bringing SampleStudio to the community as a stable, finished product.  For information, call Dane Scott at 920-273-0543 or write to tunetracker azt bayland dawht net.


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