The Squeeky Synth Revival

It is the normal course of events that, for hobby programmers, real life “gets in the way” sometimes.  For Buzzer Cyan Helkaraxe, that was the case with his Squeeky Synth program.  Squeeky Synth has gathered a little dust since it was released last year, but with growing interest in the Haiku, the operating system replacement for BeOS, Cyan has started tooling back up to work on it again.

Cyan is seeking input from musicians and programmers about the best way to proceed.  Initially he isn’t considering including multi-track hard drive recording features into his project, though he seems willing to consider all possibilities.  If you’d like to jump in with your own ideas about the things you’d like included in Squeeky Synth, you can probably do so the most easily by posting them to the Talkback Forum at Bebits.


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