The leBUZZ Guide to Fame, Notoriety, Popularity

Wondering what to do with your programming skill?  Want to be certain it isn’t wasted?  Like to be popular, famous, and valuable?

Two words.  Write drivers!

If you want the BeOS/Haiku world to beat a path to your door, there’s one surefire way of doing it.  Write drivers!  Ever since the BeBits download site opened its virtual doors around the turn of the millennium, its list of the top ten most popular downloads has been dominated by hardware drivers; those little intermediary translation programs that let BeOS talk to various sound cards, video, cards, network cards, etc.  While some programs on BeBits get downloaded a few dozen times, or with luck, a few hundred times, hardware drivers get downloaded tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of times.  The ATI Radeon graphics driver for BeOS has been downloaded almost half a million times!

There’s a reason.  BeOS must have drivers matching the hardware in your computer in order to run.   A lot of hardware is natively supported, but a lot is not.  So when a user discovers they can’t make their sound work, or their networking, or or video, they immediately start combing the net for drivers.  They ultimately wind up at BeBits or BeDrivers, and add their downloads to the startling number of others accessing YOUR wonderful work!

Be famous…write drivers!


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