MeV – Synthing its Way Into Haiku

Buzzer Al Elias of Great Britain has posted a success story to the Haiku user’s group that is certainly encouraging. Quoting…

“I had MeV up and running in Haiku today. Considering this midi sequencer
has languished on sourceforge untouched for over 5 years, I have to say:

:a)  What  a  potentially  fantastic piece of software this is and
b) I was absolutely GOBSMACKED! that MeV fired-up on Haiku without too
many issues.

“This leads me to state the obvious really. What a waste!

“Would anyone be willing to help me resurrect this project? I’m not a
coder but have had a fair amount of experience with the interface kit.
Fact is, the  MeV interface is really quite advanced/mature so my
(limited) skill would be of  little use here.

“I would be prepared to help steer any future development/progress on
MeV, write documention and other such stuff  if we could garner any devs
to help bring the project from ‘also ran’ status to ‘showcase’ midi
sequencer for Haiku (I helped Alpha test MeV back in 2001 for Christoper
Lenz and the MeV team).”

So this skillfully written synth program has indeed been successfully tested under Haiku; yet another testimony to the growingly stable, useful nature of this exciting new platform, and an early testament to its usefulness as an audio platform.  Here’s hoping there are those in the lebuzz reading audience who might be interested in contributing coding to the project.  If so, in order to avoid publishing your e-mail address, you can use the Contact form at and provide me your e-mail address, and I’ll put you in touch with Al.


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