Hyperion – This Time For Sure!

Well, admittedly, after many fits and starts by many different people,the title of this story might be a little optimistic, but hey…hope springs eternal!   I was happy to read that a new multitrack audio editor is in the works for users of BeOS/Haiku/ZETA.  It’s posted in the Audio category at the newly reopened designer site, osdrawer.

According to the designers,  Hyperion is a multitrack audio recording and editing suite with an easy to master graphical user interface. It is suited for both professional and home user who wants a simple interface with full power.  It is listed as in the “planning” stages and will tentatively be distributed under MIT licensing.

The prospect of doing multi-track editing in a stable OS environment was  a big part of what drew me to the BeOS platform in the first place, all those many years ago.  I’m still waiting for it to actually happen; maybe this time will be the charm!  Hyperion was a mythological greek Titan.  Here’s hoping there’s more Titan than myth this time around.  All kidding aside, I do wish them all the best success.


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