Exciting Driver News – M-Audio Support Announced

One of the top names in high-end audio, M-Audio , appears to be on its way to being fully supported under BeOS.   Buzzer Jerome Leveque has posted a driver at Bebits that supports the ICEnsemble 1712 chipset.  While Jerome hasn’t tested his driver will all of the following cards, he suspects they’ll all work with it.

M-Audio Audiophile2496
Delta 1010
Delta 1010 LT
Delta DIO 2496
Delta 66
Delta 44
Audiophile 2496
Delta 410 VX 442

If all those names and model numbers are meaningless to you because you are unfamiliar with M-Audio, by all means have a look at their Products page. As you can see, these are some extremely exciting products, including multi-channel-in, multi-channel-out breakout boxes that could open the door in significant ways, especially if multi-track recording and editing arrives someday for BeOS/Haiku. So far Jerome has gotten playback working, and we presume/hope, he is now working on the input/recording side of things. Keep up the good work, Jerome…this is potentially a big step forward for Buzzers everywhere!


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