Bezilla Coming of Age

While having Mozilla Firefox for BeOS has always been “nice,” there have been complaints for years that the BeOS version was a little slow and rough around the edges compared to the version available for Windows.  The release of the Deer Park version was definitely a leap forward, and there have been steady improvements since.  Still, as recently as the previous build, Firefox for BeOS was  slow to launch, and ungraceful about closing down, often leaving a “zombied” entry in the BeOS deskbar.  But with the release of  Bon Echo, the BeZilla team has really outdone themselves.

The  new release seems extremely stable, launches more quickly, has snappier performance, and closes gracefully.  Its behaviors, such as parsing web pages, configuring plugins, and handling special coding such as the AJAX pages in Google News, is amazingly good.   Googledocs works well, letting you do online editing of word processor and spreadsheet data for personal use or in collaboration with others.  I have found that a number of other fairly sophisticated applets, such as the GUI HTML blog editor I’m using to write this entry, also run perfectly.  I had less success with them in previous versions.

Obviously, we’re still missing flash, but that’s a completely separate beast requiring another whole effort.  But other than that, at least in my experience, the newest BeZilla version of Firefox behaves and “feels” pretty much identical to Firefox under Windows or Linux

Congratulations to the BeZilla team!


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