We Need to Know “Jack”

“Jack,” an intermediary piece of software common on Linux that allows audio programs to communicate with an operating system, shows promise as a way to allow some very credible  audio programs such as the QTractor digital audio workstation(and possibly, many other audio apps) to be brought to Haiku.

There’s a movement underway to try and port Jack to Haiku, and I’m all for it.  A fund has been set up, and already $200 in bounty commitments have been made.  More would be welcome, and of course, we need someone who can get Jack all polished and shiny and working great in Haiku.

If you would like to join forces with this effort, please contact me (Dane) at bayland daw’t n et.  Let’s go for this!  It could open up some really exciting possibilities.


Discover Haiku Off To a Wild Start

OS News, and I suspect, at least one other popular web site, have put Discover Haiku USB on the map in a big way.  We’ve been getting a LOT of traffic on the discoverhaiku.com web site, to the point where it actually went down overnight and we had to add capacity to it!  People seem to like the video there, and orders are coming in steadily, especially from Germany and the U.S.  I’m very hopeful that a LOT of people will discover Haiku through this product.  If you want to help, I’d love it if you’d post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Here’s a possible copy/paste post you could use:

I’ve discovered Haiku!  Have you?  Check it out at http://www.discoverhaiku.com

Hey, thanks to Buzzer “Humdinger,” I see he posted a story in German about it.   Danke shon, mein freund!

New “Discover Haiku” Video & Website

TuneTracker Systems has launched a brand new web site and video, to promote Haiku and introduce the operating system to people across the world.

Share this around!


We’re Putting Out a Hit…

We’ve  put a contract out on the life of a particular Haiku bug that creates a large amount of annoyance for people trying to rip songs.  As mentioned in the ticket at Haiku Bug Tracker…


…there seems to be some sort of timing problem that causes KDLs (total system crashes) in Haiku.

TuneTracker Systems is offering a significant bounty for the death of this ornery critter.  If one of the coders familiar with interpreting KDL info and having the necessary coding  skills to address the problem is interested in a nice reward for their efforts, contact TuneTracker Systems:  http://www.tunetrackersystems.com/contact.html

So, here’s official notice to Ticket 11718.  Get your affairs in order. Your days are numbered.

Donating is Ridiculously Easy

I’ve gotta hand it to the guys at Haiku, Inc. for making the donation process…well, no process at all!  I was so impressed that I made a little video to show how it’s done.  We’re talking under 60 seconds, start to finish.

Time to Get Off Our Wallets

The Haiku development team has done heroic work, both as volunteers and, occasionally, as paid programmers.  Under recent contracts, a huge amount has been accomplished.  Haiku is now a very viable, stable, wonderful desktop environment.

There are still some things to accomplish to meet the goal of a Beta release though, and  funds for contract work have been depleted.  There’s really a need to get a contract going again with someone who can devote serious time to finishing things up and getting us to Beta, so it’s time for us all to step up with donations:



I’m going to take out my wallet, and do as much as I can to help.

EDIT – 3/3/15:  Made the donation…hope you’ll join me!

Fair Harbor Radio is Back Up

Among the other plates we spin around here is our own non-commercial radio station, “Fair Harbor Radio” (successor to “BeOSRADIO,” which was spawned as a direct result of posts to the leBUZZ blog over 14 years ago).  Fair Harbor Radio broadcasts on a Haiku-based computer using the TuneTracker Radio Automation System.

The rebroadcasting service we’ve been using, and still love, called Abacast, made some changes which required us to also change what we were doing, and as a result we were down for awhile during the transition.  If you’re a listener, let me welcome you back, and if you have never “tuned in,” here’s a great opportunity to try it out:


Geek alert:  The new Fair Harbor Radio stream is our first foray into “push streaming,” which allows us, for the first time, to supply our stream without concerns about whether our dynamic IP address will shift and cause listeners to temporarily lose our signal.  Now we push out rather than the rebroadcaster pulling from us, and the result should be a much more robust radio service.  Hope you enjoy what you hear.

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